Tiny Tap Dancer Hilariously Steals The Show

I love going to my daughter’s dance recitals, but to be honest, most of the time they are boring as heck. Like, I love my daughter, I think she’s the most talented being to ever be, but when I sit in the audience, in those uncomfortable chairs, watching these kids do the rote exercise over and over it’s hard to not be a little bored. I would do ANYTHING to see someone cut up at one of these recitals the way this little girl cuts up. Not that she’s really cutting up, either. She’s just having the time of her life. Oh my gosh, how much more exciting would children’s recitals be if the kids went up there and just had the time of their life? Seriously, take a look!

How amazing is she? If I could clone that energy, I would. I’d bottle her up and sell it on E-Bay. Or Amazon. Probably Amazon, because then people would get it in two days. And who doesn’t love two day shipping. Seriously, though, I LOVE THIS KID!

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