Some kids are born to rock. Some kids are born as tone-deaf as they come, and listening to them try to sing in a school play will make you grateful for the guy who invented earplugs, but others? Others are just born with that natural rhythm. It’s like they come out with a beat already in their head and there’s nothing that’s gonna take that music away. I think Maddie is one of those kids. As she sits in the car listening to ‘Uptown Funk’, she can tell when the beats about to drop. And she is ready for it! So Crazy Funny! Take a look! I don’t know who the youngest DJ ever is, but I’m guessing Maddie’s about to unseat them. I can see her in her little high chair, buffed up against that DJ booth, ready to spin those hits. Okay, so most gigs are probably WAY past her bedtime, I get that, but still…this kid definitely has an ear for rhythm and I’m guessing she’ll have a life-long love of music ahead of her.

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