There Is A Vending Machine In Italy That Makes Pizza From Scratch!

I used to not love pizza. Growing up I thought all pizza was that doughy, slightly flour tasting stuff you got from the grocery store, or from the local pizza place. I didn’t have any really good pizza places. It seemed all the ones in my town used the same vendor or maybe just all had the same recipe. Either way, it was never my favorite. Then, I lived in New York. Living there gave me a whole new appreciation of pizza. I tasted doughs that were made from scratch. Doughs where the dough was given as much care as the cause and toppings. And fresh mozzarella? I didn’t even know that was a thing. Suddenly pizza was a treat and something that tasted just as fresh and amazing as any other Italian dish. I think that’s why this pizza vending machine seems like such an awesome idea to me. I’m not sure it’ll taste as great as that New York pizza, but it’s made fresh…and I think that makes all the difference. Take a look!

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