Funny Baby Hides His Ice Cream So He Doesn’t Have To Share

I want to start out by saying I understand this kid completely. I get him. This is Cal. He loves his brother, but he loves chocolate ice cream on a hot day WAY more. And when his brother tries to take the ice cream away? Well, what choice does he have other than to hide it? I’ve been there. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve eaten a candy bar whilst sitting on the toilet so as not to share a bite with my kids. Or the times I’ve told them my milkshake had alcohol in it and that’s why I couldn’t have a sip. Yes, sure, eventually Cal will have to be taught to share, but not today. Not with this ice cream. No. Sometimes you want a treat all to yourself, and if that means hiding it in your highchair while giving off the most adorable giggle ever, then so be it. I’m with ya, Cal. I get it completely. Take a look!

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