I Will Never Be As Cool As This Kid Casually Bouncing In A Bouncy House

Some people were born cool. I am not one of them. In fact, I’m pretty much the opposite of cool. Which, I guess technically is hot, but I’m not that, either. See? No chill. I have none. This kid, though? He’s got ALL the chill. Dressed in his baby cardigan and sweat pants, this George Clooney Mini-Me casually bounces in this bounce house while kids fall down and cry all around him. He doesn’t even pay them any mind. Why? Because he’s cool. He’s the kind of cool we all wished we were in high school. He’s that cool kid who is a jock and does musical theater. Who dates the head cheerleader, but also takes his disabled next door neighbor as his prom date. This kid is the kid who doesn’t worry what people think about him because he’s already got all the cool. Take a look!

I think the rest of us could go a lifetime and never be as cool as this kid. Don’t worry, though. He’s the kind of cool who is friends with everyone and will even give you his pudding at lunch.

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