Two-Year-Old Amputee Receives A Kitten Who Is Just As Unique As Her

As parents, we try to do everything to protect our children. We eat right when we’re pregnant, make sure they have ever advantage once they’re here, and if we could there’s a good chance we would wrap them in bubble wrap just to keep them from getting as much as a single bruise. But we can’t protect them from everything. There are so many times that life is out of our control and when things happen that we can’t prevent, we do everything we can to get our kids used to their new normal. For my friend, it was helping her child accept life on dialysis as he awaited a kidney transplant. For Scarlette’s parents, it was helping their young daughter understand that even though she lost an arm, she’s not alone. Take a look!

As soon as these two met it was as if they understood each other completely. There couldn’t have been a better home found for this three-legged cat than with Scarlette and her family. After all, they are both wholly unique and both going to go on to live very happy lives – together.

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