Adorable! Excitement Over New Puppy Sends Puppy Flying

First things first: if you get your kids a new puppy, they are going to scream. Especially if they don’t see the new puppy right away because you’ve made them cover their eyes. Also? If you put said new puppy onto a table, chances are there is going to be some flying involved. That being said, I’ve totally been here. Not as the parent, but as the kid. For my tenth birthday my parents got me a new puppy, Baxter. I was so excited and squealed so hard that Baxter backed off my bed (where my parents placed him) and right onto the floor. Then I was crying. Because I thought the pup was hurt. Then I was laughing because he shook it off and started licking me because I was crying. Yeah. New puppies are ALWAYS exciting. Take a look!

So the takeaway from this is if you get your kids a new puppy, there will be excitement, there will be screaming. Also, try not to put the new puppy on anything high…the good news is, though, even if they fall they tend to bounce right back.

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