This Pregnancy Time Lapse Has Some Unexpectedly Funny Moments!

If you tell a woman she can’t eat ice cream, she’s going to take that as a challenge. Basically it’s like throwing down a flag and watching her race to the finish. Or, at least that’s what it would have been like for me. And apparently the mama in this cute video. When her hubby catches her in the kitchen digging into the ice cream, he warns her to stop or she’ll grow a tummy. Well, it’s like Game On. Okay, sure it’s for the sake of an adorable pregnancy time lapse, but I still love that she basically stands there in the kitchen, obstinately eating all the ice cream she wants. And when he catches her and her tummy is big and round? Well, he can’t pick her up anymore, but he still wants to tuck her in until the tum-tum feels better. Take a look!

Seriously, I wish giving birth was as easy as throwing a blanket over you. And I wish pregnancy was like eating ice cream. More than anything, though, I wish I’d been so creative when I was pregnant and come up with one of these of my own! Congratulations to the new family!

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