With my first born I wondered when was a good time to start getting her socialized around other babies. By the time my second rolled around, I knew the answer: as soon as possible. If not for them, then for you. There’s something just so awesome about seeing babies together. It’s as if they recognize each other. Or, at very least, recognize the babiness of each other. They communicate in a way only babies communicate, and rather than waiting for someone to entertain them, they’re completely happy just playing and talking with each other. These two are a prime example of that. While these two besties sit there chatting, one seems determined to chomp the other, but the other is just so happy to be around another baby that she just keeps laughing the whole time. Take a look! I wasn’t too worried watching the chomping. Babies explore everything with their mouths. It’s like the one baby was all, “Hey, what are you?” And the other replied, “Find out!” I’m not sure if that’s exactly how it went down, but I like to think it is. Either way, they sure are cute together!

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