Babies not only are a blessing, but they’re an incredible joy. Teaching them up is one of the great privileges of being a parent and that’s something none of us should ever forget. For me, one of my favorite things was my daughter learning how to politely accept gifts she didn’t necessarily want. I know that may sound like a strange thing, but the year before I watched one of her cousins melt down at Christmas over a gift he didn’t want and I didn’t want that for my kiddo. So we practiced. Over and over. And by the end someone could have given her a used kitchen sponge and she would have treated it like the best thing she’d ever received in her life. It was awesome. And listening to this little boy practice how to leave the table is so incredibly cute it’s almost unbearable. Take a look! For William, this is a game. It’s fun. And mom and dad have incredible patience and are happy to play along until he gets there. Which is also such a wonderful thing to teach. Great job, everyone!

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