Get A German Shepherd, They Said. It’ll Be Fun, They Said…

Puppies are amazing. Adorable. Energetic little love muffins whom we want to stay little and sweet forever. And don’t even get me started on puppy breath. Seriously, if they ever bottled that stuff, it’d be a billion dollar a year industry. Puppies are the best. Know what else puppies are? Destructive little hell spawn who are out to destroy your entire life and everything you’ve ever bought. Also? They pee in your shoes. Yeah. Puppies are great until you remember they’re little animals and little animals have to learn how to do everything…and learn what not to do. So next time your friends tell you, “Get a dog. It’ll be fun…” remember this video. Seriously, take a look.

My friends told me years ago to get a puppy. They’re easier than kids. And while that is true to an extent, they ARE still puppies. And unless you’re invested for the long haul, a puppy is going to make your life miserable. Me? I was invested. This guy? Totally in. But seriously, it’s not all fetch and long walks on the beach…and if your friends ever tell you to get a puppy, remember this video. Then, take your favorite pair of shoes and stuff them into the garbage disposal…because that’s exactly what will happen to them.

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