This Snoring Hummingbird Is Probably The Cutest Thing You’ll Ever Hear

Am I the only one who had no idea birds snored? I mean, I supposed I just hadn’t thought about it, but it never occurred to me that they snore. My dogs, my cats, certainly the humans in my house all snore, but it’s not like I walk outside in the middle of the night and hear a chorus of bird snores from all the birds camped out in my trees. But that’s got me to wondering: do birds do other things I hadn’t thought about? Like, do birds get colds? Do they get little bird drippy noses? Do the mommy birds tuck the babies in at night and read them a bedtime story and get them fifteen bajillion glasses of water? Is it all just as cute as this hummingbird snoring away? Because honestly, this is the cutest darn thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life. Take a look!

I seriously can not handle the cuteness of this. I played it over the speakers on my computer and not only did my kids have to see what was happening, but each and every one of my animals came to check it out. We all agreed and let out simultaneous, “Aww’s.”

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