Ferocious Beast Attacks Unsuspecting Ducklings!

My ‘kittens’ are a year old now, so I’m guessing I should stop calling them ‘kittens’. To me, that’s who they’ll always be, though. And they still act like it sometimes, which is amazing and definitely makes me happy. My little ‘beasts’ are ferocious hunters and I don’t think a day goes by where they don’t bring in some unsuspecting little critter and proceed to play with it to death. Don’t worry – most of the times it’s water bugs and other than being really ooked out, I’m happy to see their demise. Every once in a while it’s a snake, and that’s – that’s not okay. For SO many reasons. Still, they’re cats being cats and I love them for that. This ‘ferocious beast’ has jumped in with ducklings who were brought in from the cold, and goes about attacking them…that is, until something else catches his eye. Take a look!

And that’s cats in a nutshell. You can hear the people in the background completely unworried about the ducklings. Why? Because this little ‘beast’ is only ferocious in his own mind. Those ducks were never in danger, and I think everyone knew it except the cat. Rawr.

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