This Cheeky Little Boy Gets A Cheerleader To Kiss Him!

Remember Joey from FRIENDS? Yeah, I’m pretty sure this cheeky little boy is the reincarnation of him. How you doin’? Yeah. While watching a game little Sammy decides he’s in love with one of the cheerleaders. Urged on by someone, maybe his parents, who knows, he goes down and meets the cheerleader where she’s sitting. Instead of kissing her on the cheek like he’d planned, he get the cheerleader to his HIM! Yeah, how you doin’, indeed! Take a look!

Some kids are charmers from the get-go, and I think this kid is one of those. This tiny lothario seems to know exactly what he’s doing by the way he turns around and grins at the camera after the kiss has occurred. When asked what he said to the woman, he just shrugs like, “Ain’t no big thing!” Seriously, though, this kid is CUTE! And she’s a good sport for kissing him, even if she didn’t know there was an audience. My guess? This little guy is going to be voted, “Most Likely To Date ALL The Girls” by the time he’s in high school.

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