Six-Year-Old Dances For Street Musician In Chicago

My daughter is an old soul. She’s always been more drawn to things from generations far before her time, and I imagine if she could time travel, she’d land somewhere in the 1940. In fact, she knew who Cole Porter was before she knew who Taylor Swift was. Okay, that might have been my doing, but there was nothing sweeter than singing Porter duets with my tiny tot and you can’t blame a mama for loving something like that. Still, her unique musical tastes are part of what makes her her, and I would never change that. I think that’s what’s so precious about six-year-old Willie. I think he might be an old soul, too. When he hears a street musician playing in Chicago, Willie has to start dancing along. Take a look!

This reminds me of something right out of Singing In The Rain, or some other old musical. This kid has some moves, and that musician has some chops. If anyone wants to make a movie about them, I’ll buy my ticket and be first in line! I promise!

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