Mini Indiana Jones Is A Crack Shot With The Whip!

At two-years-old my babies could barely stay on their own two feet, and little Logan here is already a crack shot with not one, but TWO bull whips! Having grown up in the country, this isn’t the first time I saw a little one cracking whips, but he’s by and far the most talented I’ve seen! If you don’t know, whips aren’t Anything like you see on television. They’re hard to handle, hard to maneuver, and definitely painful when they hit you. But Logan is a pro. Take a look!

I can almost hear the theme music to Bonanza in the background as I watch this, but more than anything I love seeing how excited and happy he is to use these. I don’t know if his family is into the Rodeo, or if maybe he’s just the tiniest and cutest little cow poke there ever was, but I hope he keeps it up. He looks like he’s having a blast!

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