I like to think my dogs are best friends. I don’t know if that’s actually the case, but they certainly cuddle as if they genuine have affection for each other. And that makes me happy. They all have such unique personalities that they easily could have disliked each other, so the fact that they get along is awesome. I don’t think they’ve ever gotten along quite as well as the puppers in this video, but still fairly well. The ones in this video are just over the top amazing. Completely different than most dogs. Or, maybe I’ve just never been around when my dogs needed this level of comfort? When one notices that his friend is having a bad dream, he immediately jumps into action and goes about comforting him. Take a look!

Like I said, I’m not sure if my dogs have ever gone that far, but I like to think that if they ever needed one another, they’d be there. And I like to think it would look something like the cuddling I saw in this video. Way too cute!

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