Terrifying Moment Bear Chases Riders On A Bike Path!

I stopped riding bikes when I was nine. When I was nine-years-old one of my brothers dared me to ride my bike down the steep hill by our house, and I did it. Unfortunately, I didn’t see the wood at the end of the hill until my tire hit one of the logs and it flew into the air and then landed in my leg. Yeah. IN my leg. It took 186 stitches to patch me up and I haven’t ridden a bike since. As awful as that was, it still wasn’t as scary as this video. As these two riders head down a mountain trail, one of them sees a bear charging through the woods, toward his friend ahead. I can’t understand what he’s saying (though I’m guessing it’s a lot of expletives), but it’s heart pounding to see the bear get closer and closer to his friend. Take a look!

It’s so awesome to get out there and enjoy nature again in the spring, but videos like this make me want to hibernate…at least until the bears are tucked away again.

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