This Lion And Dog Are Unlikely Best Friends

Animal friendships are what I aspire to someday. There’s something so amazing about seeing two different species come together in the name of friendship, bonded over nothing but time and maybe mutual love of kisses. We humans have trouble being so kind to one another, but over and over again we’ve seen animals bond in ways that are unlikely and totally incredible. Remember the orangutan who adopted three orphaned tiger cubs? Sweetest thing ever. She loved them and cuddled them just like her own and never once thought about how they weren’t the same as her. I like to think that’s what’s happening with this lion and dachshund. What could have ended up as a lion kibble turned into the sweetest friendship you’ll ever see! Take a look!

Truly is there anything more darling than watching a weiner dog licking a lion over and over as if he’s been doing it his entire life? And maybe he has. Maybe that’s why they’re friends. I don’t know how they ended up together, but I hope I never have to see them apart. Truly beautiful.

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