It’s hard to watch our kids grow up. Especially when they seem determined to grow much faster than we’re ready for them to grow. My little girl told me she was going to get married to our neighbor when she was five-years-old. Not the easiest thing for a parent to hear, but definitely easier considering our neighbor was a college kid and she was, well, still sucking her thumb at night. Still, none of us are ready for our kids to grow up. It’s this strange tug-of-war we play as parents. We want them to become independent and strong, but we also want them to stay babies forever. That’s exactly how this dad feels when his little girl tells him she’s got a boyfriend. Take a look!

Over and over again, “I don’t think I like that.” And the little girl just doesn’t seem to care. She’s ready to move on in her life and as far as she’s concerned, dad’s just there to hold her balloon…properly, though. These two are adorable!

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