Dads aren’t always known as the life of the party. Most of the time we imagine them kind of stuffy, standing off to the side doing dad things. Or maybe that’s just the dads I know. Who knows? But that’s definitely not the case with these two clowns, er, dads. Thomas was having his 8th birthday party when these two dad got bored with the entertainment. They decided to hijack the clown’s unicycle and prove it wasn’t that big a deal, only to find out it was WAY harder than they ever imagined. The funny part is they truly did end up being funnier than the clown. Take a look! I don’t know what they thought they’d accomplish on the unicycle, but watching them jump on and then quickly fall off is hysterical! Also funny is the fact that they truly are dads. You can see them trying to help each other, almost like when they teach kids to ride bikes. Truly funny.

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