This Toddler Imitating Her Pregnant Mom’s Walk Is Hysterical!

I loved being pregnant, but it definitely took a toll on my body. Sure, there were the normal things: sore back, stretch marks, horrifying cravings that made me gain more weight than I’m proud to admit to. But more than that was the fact that my body was not my own. I couldn’t sit right. I couldn’t stand right. And walking? Forgetaboutit. It was comical. But, in the end I got my two precious little ones out of it and they’re worth going through fire for. This mama I’m sure feels the same way, but seems to have a better sense of humor about it than I did. When her toddler is asked to ‘walk like mama’, she struts her stuff just like any six month pregnant woman would. And it’s amazingly spot-on. Take a look!

I’m sure it helps that dad’s in the background showing her how to do it, but from the sounds of mama she definitely got a kick out of seeing her mini-me truly acting like a mini-me.

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