Cute Elderly Couple Explain How They’ve Been Married So Long

I come from a family of long-lived marriages. My grandparents on both sides were married for over 50 years each, and my own parents are coming up on 47 years this year. They each had their own reasons and secrets for how to hold it together through the hard times, but the biggest seemed to be they all found someone they laughed with more than fought. Not to say there weren’t fights. And arguments. And threats of frying pans upside the heads (my grandma was feisty), but I never remember any of the fussing lasting longer than a day and maybe that’s the secret… For this couple, they have their own ideas for what it takes to be married for so many years, and it’s just adorable. Take a look!

How sweet are they? It might take them longer to kiss these days, but they still have what it takes to stay together and love each other, even after all these years. Just like my parents and my grandparents before them. Truly beautiful to see!

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