Emotional Kid Is At The End Of His Rope For The Funniest Reasons

It’s hard being a kid. Everyone’s bigger than you. You have to wait your turn for everything you want to do. Bedtime is WAY earlier than you want it to be. And you don’t get to make decisions about ANYTHING. I mean, sure, there are perks, too. Like that whole lack of responsibility thing, and the fact that you’ve got a live-in driver, but also you can’t pick your own clothes and if you’re really little – like this kid – there are just certain things you haven’t learned to DO yet! And it’s hard. Super hard. Listen to him telling his mama just how hard his life really is. Take a look.

His Leap Frog isn’t charged, there are no toys, he wanted McDonald’s for dinner and they passed it right on up…but the funniest is the last one: he can’t read. I mean, if he could read, this kid’s life would be SO much better. He’d definitely be able to entertain himself better in the backseat, at least. Don’t worry, kid. Reading’s coming sooner than you can imagine. And I’m sure you’ll have McDonald’s for dinner sometime soon.

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  1. Sometimes i just want to blurt out all my problems angrily, and then suck on my thumb, too!

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