Ninja Cat Scares Sibling Into The Water

I love cats. I freakin’ love cats so much. They crack me up and remind me of what it means to be independent and strong-willed. My cats are a mess. Adorable, sometimes sweet, sometimes a little bitey, and always jerks to one another. Okay, that’s not exactly true…about once a week I catch them cuddling when they think I’m not looking. Every time I catch them, the second they see me they start smacking each other in the way only cats do and then race to opposite sides of the house. Yeah, cats are funny. I see them outside sometimes and they’ll just be playing with each other and loving on each other one second, and the next it’s like one of them called the other’s mama ugly. I think that’s what happened in this video, too. While one cat is enjoying his time by the pool, his brother ninja-crawls up to him and spooks him. Take a look!

I think there’s something wrong with me that I laughed so hard at this. Then again, I have cats, so I’ve seen the same thing happen at my own house over and over again. Cats are who they are. And we have to love them exactly as they are.

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