Tiny Puppy Muscles His Way Under A Door Crack

Little ones are hard to ignore. Seems no matter where they are, when they need you they find a way to let you know. Turns out little puppies are the same way. All of my dogs came to me big so I never experienced this, but after watching this video I can’t stop cracking up about how persistent this little baby is about getting to his owner. When his puppy daddy decided to put him in a room for the night, daddy also placed a robe under the crack in the door to let this baby know it was time to sleep. Also, let me say that again: it’s a crack in the door. Well, under the door. And it’s so small. But this determined tiny pupper wasn’t going to let that deter him from getting to dad. Take a look!

I’m trying to imagine how itty bitty this baby must truly be for him to have squeezed through that tiny little opening, but it’s hard for me to fathom. All I can say is that truly, in this puppy’s case, where there’s a will there’s a way.

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