Dog Tries To Squawk Like His Rubber Chicken!

Dogs are funny. They just are. They’re like nature’s perfect clowns. I mean, sure, they’re man’s best friend, too, but you’ve got to admit there’s a little clown in every dog. I have three dogs. All three of them are clowns in their own way, but the youngest is by and far the biggest goof. He doesn’t realize how big he is, and because of that things…happen. Sometimes he runs into things (or people, or walls), sometimes he just trips over his own feet (or trips us using his gigantic feet), and sometimes he just does weird things that remind us that most of the time we all take life too seriously. I love dogs. They keep me grounded and keep me from a boring, dull-drum life. I’m guessing the puppy-parents of this pooch feel the same exact way – especially after he tries to sound like his toy chicken! Take a look!

I don’t know how dogs evolved to be the perfect creatures that they are, but I am so grateful for them. And their antics. It’s impossible not to smile when they’re around.

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