Brides go all-in for weddings. So the idea of sneaking something past one of them is daring and nearly impossible. Yet, if you’re a groom and you want to surprise your new bride on her wedding day there has to be some major sneaking going on. Especially if your surprise involves you, your friends, some family, and music from a musical you both love. Which is exactly what happens here. This bride and groom love the musical Hamilton. It’s one of their favorite things to share together. So when the groom decided he wanted to surprise his new wife on their wedding day, he knew he had to incorporate the musical they both loved. Which meant writing a song, directing his friends and family, and keeping it all from his bride to be. The results? WAY better than expected! Take a look! I’m not sure if this groom is already a singer in his day-to-day life, but he’s definitely got some chops on him. And her? She’s absolutely blown away. This is definitely one of the coolest wedding surprises I’ve seen in a very long time! Way to go, hubby! You did great!

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