We live in a global world. That’s wonderful because it means that we can travel to whatever job best suits our family and it isn’t that difficult to assimilate to a new area. Growing up, my family did that a lot. My dad was what’s called a ‘contract engineer’ and we’d travel from state to state, from job to job, depending on where the best offer was. This gave us a lot of opportunities, but it also meant that we weren’t as close to family as we wanted to be. Back then it was harder than it would be today. Today with things like video calls and the internet, even being thousands of miles away never means truly having to let go. Which is exactly what happened here. Grandma Tutu has been video chatting with her grandbaby for the past fourteen months so the baby didn’t forget who she was. And then the family decided to surprise her…take a look!

Her reaction is absolutely amazing! I don’t think there’s a picture of purer joy out there nor has there ever been anyone as excited to see someone as Grandma Tutu. I’m so glad they surprised her like this, it looks like this reunion might be the best thing to ever happen to her!

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