Being a postal worker is hard business. Walking from house to house, come rain or shine, making sure everyone gets every piece of mail correctly. It’s not easy. Not to mention they get such a bad rap for no reason at all. Plus, dogs chase them and try to attack them. It’s hard stuff! For Debra Anderson, a postal worker in Canada, she goes to work each day with a smile on her face and does her best to deliver everything on time. Only, she has one person who isn’t a fan. Well, not a person…a cat. Jasmine knows what time Debra is coming by every day, and the black and white feline waits for her to arrive. The second Debra steps up in front of the house, Jasmine is there…ready to attack. Take a look!

I don’t think this would be so funny if Jasmine wasn’t already a bit of a tubby kitty. There’s something so comical about watching that round belly flying across the glass as Debra waits on the other side. The good news is Debra seems to love seeing the commotion as much as Jasmine loves creating it, so they’re kinda perfect for each other!

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