They Thought Their Roomba Was Broken Until They Saw Their Dog Doing THIS!

Dogs hate vacuums. That’s as much as truth as the fact that butter is creamy and toast always lands on the buttered side. Not that butter has anything to do with vacuums, I think I’m just thinking about dinner… But, I digress. Can you imagine putting down the money for a brand new Roomba and then realizing it isn’t working right? It would be so frustrating! That’s exactly what happened to this family. Their Roomba was set to work every day while they were at work, but for some reason it never did the job. And to spend that much money on a vacuum only to have it not do the work would make anyone angry. But finally, the time came for them to see it in action, on the weekend, while they were home. What they never thought about is how much their dog hates vacuums. Take a look!

Smartest dog in the world? Um, yeah, pretty much. I have no idea how they plan to actually use their Roomba during the day, but at least they know what’s going on now!

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