Baby Argues With Mom, And Only Mom Knows What She’s Saying!

Baby babble is the cutest thing ever…unfortunately it is also super hard to understand. It’s like they finally get to the point where they understand that words come out of mouths and create action, but they don’t understand the mechanics of those words. It’s a lot like when I was younger and would watch my mom write in cursive. She’d make all sorts of swirls and loops and I was Certain I knew exactly what she was writing. So I’d do the same. Unfortunately, her swirls and loops had meaning and mine were weird squiggles that meant nothing at all. And while this baby is certain she’s telling her mom all about it, really all most of us hear is a lot of jibber jabber. Still, mama seems to be catching the gist of it, so maybe it’s not all babble after all? Take a look!

Like I said, all I hear is babble, but from the few words I can make out, apparently her mom is a pretty good interpreter. Which is great…because from the sounds of it, this kiddo has a whole Heck of a lot to say!

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