Twin Toddlers Reenact Their Favorite Scene From ‘Frozen’

If you’re a parent and not living under a rock, there’s a good chance you’ve seen Frozen so many times that you can recite it by heart. In fact, you’ve probably seen it so many times that you could act it out, with your eyes closed. I know I, personally, have seen it so many times that there are times I dreamed in Frozen-scope. Not even kidding. Wish I was. And while usually there’s a movie that comes along and bumps an epic film like this off the pedestal, so far nothing has. Which is fine. We let it go, over and over again, and try to just accept that this is life…at least until they grow old enough to date. Or, like this parent, we record our children with their crazy Frozen antics so that we can show them just how obsessed they were…you know…when they DO start to date. Take a look!

Yeah, I know we’re all over Frozen, but you’ve got to admit – this is pretty darn cute. Especially since they’re so little. All I can say is, good luck, mama. Looks like you’re gonna be singing these songs for a Very long time to come!

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