Father And Daughter Show Off Epic Dance Moves In The Car

Sometimes being a daddy’s girl means butterfly kisses after bedtime prayers, but sometimes it means throwing down some epic dance moves in the car with dad at the wheel. This father and daughter know how to groove and after what appears to be a ‘challenge’ and then ‘challenge accepted’ glance, the two dance like crazy with the biggest grins on both of their faces. I don’t know how many times they’ve done this, but I’m guessing a few. Which is awesome. It shows me this dad and daughter know how to have a great time together, and aren’t afraid to let their sillier sides out to play. Take a look!

Kids grow up so fast and the time with them is so fleeting. They can remember all the times we made them brush their teeth, and do their chores, and sit still at the dinner table (all important things to teach), but hopefully they’ll remember more times like this. Times where as a parent we let down our serious sides and just took a moment to have a dance-off with our kids.

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