Mom Is Not Happy About This Magic Marker Make-Over!

Quiet kids are a sure sign of chaos and destruction. You’ve never had a kid go quiet and found them curled up in their room reading a book. No, usually they’re feeding the pet goldfish to the cat, or slathering peanut butter all over the dog. Or, there was the time I found my son and daughter in the backyard collecting garden snakes into a bucket. I have no idea what they planned to do with all those snakes, but I have a pretty good guess it wasn’t good. And since I’m not exactly fond of things that slither, I’m super grateful my hubby came home before I had to figure out how to get rid of a bucket full of snakes. Even that isn’t as bad as these kids, though. When mom realizes her girls have been quiet for too long, she knows something is up and goes searching for them. What she finds? Nothing good. Take a look!

Not only did they give themselves makeovers right out of a horror movie, but they managed to get marker on the walls, the door, and pretty much every other surface available. Like I said, quiet kids are never a good sign. I seriously would have preferred bickering to finding a snake-filled bucket…and I’m guessing this mom feels the same way about this magic marker makeover disaster!

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