Kid Takes Dad’s Golf Instructions Literally

One of my friends played professional baseball and was So Excited when his son was old enough to start teaching. Technically he’d been teaching him since the kid was in womb, but he waited until he could stand up on his own two feet before throwing balls at him. And it was adorable to watch. Thing is, though, as cute as it was watching them play ball, it was even cuter listening to him try to tell his son what to do. My favorite was when he told his son to, “Put your arm into it” and the kiddo literally dropped the bat and tried to hit the ball with his arm. Cutest thing ever. And this kid is just about as cute. When his dad gives him some specific golf instructions, this kiddo does Exactly what his dad tells him to do. Take a look!

Kids learn things at their own pace, but it’s that time in between that’s the best. Those moments before they really know what they’re doing, and where we have no idea what we’re doing either. Those are the perfect moments. Those are the ones we’ll never forget.

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