This Little Boy Does NOT Approve Of His Parents Singing!

Some of us have a face only a mother could love, and some of us have voices that are better meant to stay in the shower. According to this little boy, his parents are the latter. During a car trip his parents break out into front seat karaoke and this little boy isn’t having it. He does everything he can to get them to just STOP and that only eggs them on more. And I get it! I can’t be in a car and not sing. I’m guessing mine is a shower voice, too, but luckily I don’t have a little critic back there begging me to just stop already. I don’t know if he’s just sleepy and needs a nap, or if he’s a future voice judge in the making, but he gives there performance a solid thumbs down. Take a look!

All I can say is I’m so glad this kid isn’t riding with me. There isn’t a time when I’m in the car and not singing, and from the sound of things I think this kid would have some really strong opinions about THAT!

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