Babies are fun. They’re just fun, right? I mean, sure they’re lots of work, and they sure have a thing against letting you sleep, but they’re also some of the most fun, coolest little people you’ll ever come into contact with in your entire life. Maybe it’s because they can’t talk back yet. Or maybe it’s because they’re literally down for whatever, who knows? All I know is that when my kids were babies, we had a blast on a daily basis. Sure, they’re fun now, too, but it’s different. Now fun involves a lot of driving around and spending money and planning and such. But babies? All you need is a pacifier and you can keep a baby entertained for hours. Take a look! Maybe not hours. I’m sure this baby eventually decided to take a nap. But until that nap hit it looks like these two had the time of their life. And while baby won’t remember this, mama sure will and the video will be something they can both enjoy as baby gets older.

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