World’s Most Confident Baby Has Same Response To Every Question

One of the scariest parts of parenting is wondering if our kids will ever see themselves the way we see them. I mean, we see our kids as practically perfect. Sure, they make mistakes and even drive us crazy from time to time (okay, most of the time), but we believe in them. We know that if they want to they could go out and tackle the world and be anything they want to be. And we want THEM to believe that, too. But it’s hard to know, as a parent, if we’ve instilled the kind of confidence in them that will carry them to where they want to go. This family doesn’t need to worry about that because when it comes to confidence, Ariella knows she’s got it ALL. Take a look!

A big part of me thinks Ariella doesn’t know what she’s saying, “I know” to, but a bigger part hopes that it doesn’t matter. I’m hoping that she takes what she’s saying now and it becomes a mantra for her life moving forward. “Ariella, you can do ANYTHING.” “I know.”

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