Epic Moment When Dad Hits Ball To Reveal Gender Of New Baby!

Pregnancy can feel all about the mom. And, for a big part it pretty much is. For a lot of dads it’s hard to feel involved at all until the baby is finally here and ready to be cared for. And then, even though that baby is super cute and amazing, it can kind of feel like you went from nothing to just a whole lot of work with no in between. For a long time even baby showers were pretty much just for mommies. I don’t think I used to go to a lot of baby showers where dad’s were hanging out and talking about breastfeeding and leaking…but with gender reveals…those can be a completely different story. This mom came up with an ingenious way to make sure dad felt Super involved with finding out the sex of their baby! Take a look!

The slow motion smoke reveal makes it even more epic and more dramatic. And you can tell dad is Totally into this reveal. I imagine he’ll be batting balls with his little kiddo in no time. Congratulations, folks! Good luck with the new baby!

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