Watch The Incredible Moment When An Alligator Steals A Fish From A Little Boy!

There always seems to be something unbelievable that happens every time my husband takes the kids out fishing. Most of the time I nod along politely as they tell me their incredible stories…like the time a shark jumped out of the lake and ate all their fish (that’s why they didn’t have any to bring home), or the time they watched aliens land in the field across the way and had to leave before they were abducted…there’s always something. And I love that. I love that even if their trip isn’t eventful, they always come home with a story to tell – even if it is fanciful and totally made-up. And if my husband came home and told me a gigantic alligator snuck in to steal the fish right off my son’s line, I wouldn’t believe that, either. But this video? Yeah, that’s exactly what happens. Take a look!

I love that the adults who were there knew the alligator was coming. They did everything they could to distract him long enough for the boy to get his fish, but in the end I think this is a much better story to tell. And something he’ll spend a lifetime proving to people!

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