One of the things I miss most about having babies in my house is watching them try foods for the first time. Sure, there are old classics like lemon, pickles, and ice cream, but for babies every new food is an adventure, and watching their little brains process this new flavor and texture was something that I always loved. I’ll never forget watching my son try banana. Not the baby food version, but the actual, hold in your hand, real life banana. The look on his face was like he was experiencing ALL the emotions. Something about the texture, the taste, the way it felt in his fingers, it took him a few solid seconds to process what he was feeling and turns out what he was feeling was that he really liked bananas. I think this baby feels the same way about apples! Take a look! I love that he’s not really sure what to think about apples at first. Are they sour? Sweet? What is this crazy thing? Pretty sure he’s going to be a fan for life, but I’m so glad his mama let us witness that first taste. Way too cute for words!

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