Who knew man’s best friend would also be baby’s best friend? At least that’s the case with this kiddo and this pup! When baby decides she wants to play peekaboo, this puppy is more than happy to play along. Our kids never played peekaboo with the dogs, but there was definitely a lot of tag growing up. And I was always base. Whenever the puppers would get tired of being chased around, they would come to me and sit right at my feet…as if I was the thing that could stop those little monsters, er, my loving and adorable children from chasing them. Still, after a small break they’d all go back at it. Just like these two. Take a look! I don’t know how long they played this, but from the looks of things, they’ve played it a lot. At least enough that mom or dad knew to record it. And thank goodness! It’s adorable! I’d love to know if there are other games they play…hide-and-seek, maybe? I bet that pup could hide like a pro!

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