I like to think that everyone is born with certain gifts. My daughter sings like an angel, while my son couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket. My son, however, is able to run faster than everyone else in his grade while his sister has two left feet. I think we’ve all got certain talents we are born with, and sometimes we figure them out early, and sometimes it takes a lifetime. For this baby, it seems his talents have come to light way earlier than most. While his dad was playing with him he noticed that the kiddo had an uncanny way of imitating grandpa. Like, way better than any child his age should be able to do. Take a look! I seriously didn’t know kids this young could do impressions, but I’m definitely blown away by this tiny comedian. I don’t know if Jim Carrey is looking for a protege, but if he is, this kid should Definitely be at the top of the list.

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