When you have big dogs you find out quickly that they don’t know they are big. More than that, they think just like little dogs. Doesn’t matter if your dog weighs as much as you do, he’s always going to find ways to be with you…and on top of you. I’ve got three big dogs. Didn’t plan it that way, it just happened. But having these three big babies has taught me that there are certain concessions you have to make when they’re around. One, you have to realize you’ll never breathe non-smelly air again (they pass gas a LOT). Second, if the pup has a favorite place to sit and you sit in it, YOU’LL become his new favorite place to sit. Just like this girl quickly found out. Take a look! Look, if you take a dog’s seat, they’re going to HAVE to find somewhere else to sit. Maybe your lap, maybe on top of your head. I think the takeaway here is: don’t take the dog’s chair or you’ll become the dog’s chair.

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