We’ve all been there…something goes missing and we just KNOW someone else moved it. I mean, WE wouldn’t have moved it. We know exactly where we put it. Basically this is me every single time my glasses go missing. Don’t ask me why I think my kids or husband would move them, but I’m always convinced. Funny thing is, they are almost always on top of my head. Why don’t I think to look there first? Things would go so much faster and smoother if I just checked my messy curls for those glasses, but nope! Every single time I’m convinced someone else moved them. And this little girl? Yeah, she’s convinced her dad moved her helmet and he HAS to help her find it. Take a look! I love that dad gave her a little time to look for it before showing her where it went. The surprise in her voice when she realizes where it is is absolutely worth it. What a funny kiddo! Let’s hope she never has to wear glasses, or no one is Ever leaving that home!

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