Having a new baby is stressful on everyone involved. From the parents who now have to figure out how this new human is going to fit into their family life (and budget), to the children who will have to figure out how to get along with a whole new person. Not to mention the morning sickness, the time split between being a mom and a pregnant person, doctor’s appointments, and once baby is here basically Everything is focused on baby…at least for a while. It’s stressful. One of the stresses we don’t think about is how the gender of the baby is going to affect the other children. Well, that’s something this family will think about from now on. Turns out, someone was really hoping for a boy and things did not go as planned. Take a look! So, yes, he’s a bit dramatic, but through his theatrics I think he’s going to adjust just fine. I think this is more a show for the camera than anything.

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