When our older babies meet our newer babies, sometimes things don’t go well. There can be jealousy, and frustration, and anger, and that’s just from the mama. But sometimes when they meet, it’s more happiness than a parent could ever hope for. Like there’s an instant bond between the two and nothing will every break them apart. That’s what I like to think has happened with this video. With baby brother laying next to her, this adorable little girl becomes a helper by feeding him. And yes, we’ve seen older siblings help with their younger siblings before, but I want you to pay special attention to the way these two are looking at each other. It’s beyond adorable. Take a look! It’s like she’s looking at him and thinking, “I will do anything for you, whenever you need me.” And he’s looking at her like, “You are seriously the best and most amazing thing I have ever seen.” I don’t know what the age gap is between these two, but I’m guessing they’ve each got a friend for life.

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