I had this friend in college who hated when people would compliment her. It wasn’t that she wasn’t grateful for the compliments, but they always made her feel awkward and self-aware. She’d thank whoever it was who said the nice thing, blush profusely, and hide for the rest of the day. Dating was tough for her. It took some time, but eventually she was able to roll with the kind words and accept them as they were. Still, I think she and this baby would have probably had a lot in common. Whenever dad compliments this sweet little one, the baby hides – just like my friend. Take a look! Hopefully this little one will learn to take the love sooner than my friend did, but I totally understand if this becomes a life-long thing. As for my friend, she eventually met the guy of her dreams…someone with enough sense to write his terms of endearment rather than say them to her face. Definitely a keeper.

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