This Farmer Has A Hoe-Down, Dances All By Himself!

I grew up on a farm. At least, while I was a teenager I lived on a farm. It was a huge spread up in the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas and the nearest neighbor was over a mile away and over 80-years-old. Growing up like that I had a LOT of time to myself. Between feeding animals and picking green beans and just exploring the farm, there were plenty of times where I’d break into song or dance just to break the boredom. The only thing that saved me is there were no camera phones back then. Literally, I was free to act as silly and foolish as I wanted and I had zero risk of another soul seeing what I did. This guy? Not so lucky. As his friends egg him on in the background he seems to have a hoe-down all by himself. Take a look!

It’s no surprise this video went so viral! As soon as his friends posted it online thousands and thousands of people started watching and laughing along with him. Luckily he’s a great sport about it and how could he not be? Dude’s got some moves!

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